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The Langchuang Epic and Pre-Modern Tai Dam Political Space in Vietnam
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Yukti Mukdawijitra
Disambiguation of the Text of Paragraph 2 of Section 68 of the Thai Constitution (2007): A Transformational Grammar Perspective 28-81
Somchit Burakorn
Factors Affecting the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Policy Formation and Management according to Public Policies and the Appropriate Management Model in Response to Disaster: Case Study on Floods in Thailand during 1942-2012
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Nipapan Jensantikul Chokchai Suttawet
Research for Knowledge Development of People about Decision Making for Voluntary Carbon Market: Case Study of Inpang Community Forest Network, Kudbag District, Sakon Nakorn Province 2010
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Nichaphat Permtongin
Corporate Social Responsibility Communication Model for Balancing Efficiency of Business Corporations and Stakeholders in Thailand
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Untika Soranunsri Supavan Phlainoi Parichart Sthapitanonda Pipat Yodprudtikan
A Simplified Linear Projection Approach to Estimate Daily Real Yields in Thailand’s Bond Market
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Anya Khanthavit
Efficient Market Testing of the Korean Stock Market during the Global Financial Crisis
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Yoonmin Kim
Politics of Representation of Female Flight Attendants Bodies in the Affective Economy
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Arratee Ayuttacorn